Cove Creek Hot Springs


Also known as Basin Creek Hot Springs. Basin Creek Hot Springs seems to be one of those ones that people want to love, but it's never really going to be hot enough to love as much as you could. Kind of like Megan from High School, you know the one.

Nude To Prude Scale

Nudity Potential At Cove Creek: Right next to the road and a very large pull out, so... you know, probably not.



Personal Notes

Granted the last time here was in the winter, the pools were far too shallow and the water too cold to soak. It's a nice spot, so maybe trying again in summer is called for.


Cove Creek Hot springs is located about 8.3 miles from the 'T' in Stanley, ID. Head North towards Challis and after 8 miles keep an eye out for a huge pull out on the right of highway. You'll see bathrooms, and a couple large signs. The springs are down the hill towards the river at the end of this pull out.

At A Glance

Region: Stanley

Nearest Town: Stanley, ID

Usage: Low

Accessible Seasons:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Parking Cost: $0

Family Friendly? Yes

Our Rating:

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Walking Distance:

Parking Cost: $

Accessable Seasons:

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