Goldbug Hot Springs


Also known as Elk Bend Hot Springs. To get to Goldbug Hot Springs is fairly simple, you'll park at the end of Warn Springs Rd near Salmon, ID. There is a posted trailhead for the hot springs there. From there follow the hot springs, up and up. You'll pass through a couple gates, over private land, so be respectful. Once back on public land, stop being respectful, and continue up the mountain. Be prepared for a good strenuous hike, across rock fields and up switchbacks. It's not impossible by any means, I nearly died from being out of shape. Near the top are some awesome pools formed by the stream that are worth looking at, the area is beautiful!

During the summer the crowds come in waves, and during a recent August visit there were probably 25 people at the springs. That's not to say it wasn't worth it, but definitely be willing to share at this springs.

Nude To Prude Scale

Nudity Potential At Goldbug: Bring a swimsuit, but be prepared to see others in all their glory. We've seen terrible things here... Haunting... old... things...



Personal Notes

Be in decent shape, better than me at least. Or be willing to take lots of breaks and enjoy the views.


If you're coming from Challis, Gold Bug Hot Springs is about 35.7 miles from the 'T' in Challis. After 35 Miles, look for Warm Springs Rd on the right and turn down here. This is a residential street, so please drive with care. Near the end of the street, you'll find a parking area with an obvious trailhead.

The first part of the trail is on private land, so please be nice and don't ruin it for the rest of us! There are gates in and out of this land, please open and close them behind you. The hike is a strenuous 1.7 miles total and it will also be obvious when you arrive.

At A Glance

Region: Salmon

Nearest Town: Salmon, ID

Usage: High

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  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Parking Cost: $0

Family Friendly? Yes

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Parking Cost: $

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