Snake Pit Hot Springs


Also known as Sawtooth View Hot Springs, which may be the better name! The views from this hot spring are insane. The backdrop of the sawtooth mountains is what make this spring so special. The pool is 18 feet across and 2 feet deep. The water is clear, but the silt bottom can make the water murky if you splash (or walk) around too much which is why we like this spring when we are the only ones in the pool. The hot water comes right out the ground and is perfect in warm to cool months. The water seems like it would be too cold in the winter but was fine when we were there last October.

Nude To Prude Scale

Nudity Potential At Snake Pit: Maybe with a suit handy, but still in the middle of town



Personal Notes

Seriously, go here for the views. If there are people in the spring before you, we would recommend returning when you have it to yourself. The silt bottom should be settled for you to have the best experience. Rocky/sandy hot spring bottoms can be much better than silt ones for this reason.


To get to Snake Pit, head north like you're leaving Stanley but just before the end of town (and before Lower Stanley) turn left into the Stanley Museum parking lot. Head to the back of the dirt lot and continue on down the road. Drive about .4 miles and you'll see a dirt lot on the left which you may need a 4x4 to get over a little berm to get into. From there, cross the long narrow bridge by the parking area and the hot springs is just to the left by the river.

At A Glance

Region: Stanley

Nearest Town: Stanley, ID

Usage: Medium

Accessible Seasons:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

Parking Cost: $0

Family Friendly? Yes

Water Temp Range: 90F-98F

Our Rating:

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Walking Distance:

Parking Cost: $

Accessable Seasons:

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