Trail Creek Hot Springs


Another personal favorite, Trail Creek is a wonderful soak if you can get there when not many people are around, which isn't as hard as it seems.

To get there, head up towards McCall from Boise, turn right, right after the bridge in Cascade and drive for 19.4 miles where you'll see a pull out on the right side of the road on a bend. The trail should be pretty obvious.

While very short, this trail is steep and extremely treacherous in the winter, be prepared! Once at the bottom, a bridge made from a couple boards crosses the rushing stream and connects to the first of two pools. The other pool is upstream 20-30 yards. Both pool have great water, and people have made some amazing pools there over the years. You should be easily able to sit down in them and not be cold in the winter.

Keep In Mind

  • Google Maps now calls this Samuel's Hot Springs for whatever reason.

Nude To Prude Scale

Nudity Potential At Trail Creek: Let er' hang out, just keep a suit handy



Personal Notes

I've been here in the summer and winter, and both are amazing times, especially in the middle of the night when the stars just go nuts.


Getting to Trail Creek Hot Springs is fairly straight forward, though you start to feel like you've passed it towards the end. From Boise drive to Cascade. Pass through town and take the right turn after the bridge at the end of town. Drive 19.3 miles (reset the odometer, it really helps here). At 19.3 miles there will be a turn out on the right that is fairly large. Get out and see if you see several trails going down to the right. If you do, you're here! Road is good in Winter too, though storms can quickly change that.

At A Glance

Region: McCall

Nearest Town: McCall, ID

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  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Parking Cost: $0

Family Friendly? Yes

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